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“Great for anyone learning how to aim or for maintaining accuracy.”

– The BowlsEye Guy

Easy Installation Process

Simple to install and even easier to use, BOWLSeye™ stays out-of-sight when not in use.


Made from durable, antibacterial plastic, BOWLSeye™ helps keep the toilet and surrounding area clean!

Hit the Target

Make sure you target everything toilet in your home with Bowlseye™, The Clean Toilet Target!

What is BowlsEye™?

BowlsEye™ is a handy new revolutionary product that helps keep toilet and surrounding areas clean. Made from durable, antibacterial plastic.

Easy Installation Process


Adjustable Height for all styles of Lavatories


Self-cleaning after every use

Almost completely eliminates unwanted splash


Reduces noise by 80%


Great for learning how to aim or maintain accuracy

Standard Model $12.99

Bullseye Model $14.99

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Guy Donohue, The BowlsEye Guy came up with concept over 20 years ago. Through his belief and faith, Guy decided to put our team together and bring the BowlsEye to the world.

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