How to Clean a Toilet

How to Clean a Toilet

While not the most glamourous part of cleaning your home, it is important to ensure that you are cleaning your toilet and the surrounding areas the right way to minimize contamination or the spread of bacteria and viruses. Proper cleaning techniques not only save time and energy but ensure that you are creating a healthy environment for one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. But what do you need to do to ensure you clean your toilet the right way? The answer may be surprising when contrasted with your existing cleaning routine. 

Before you get started, it is important to ensure you are removing everything from around the toilet. This will help ensure that any chemicals or toilet water that splashes out of the toilet during cleaning do not further contaminate items like the toilet paper that may be nearby. Any items also stored on the top of the tank lid should be removed before beginning your cleaning to ensure they do not fall into the toilet bowl during the cleaning process. Once these items have been removed, you are ready to start the cleaning process. 

Step 1: Flush and Introduce Cleaner

With the lid down, flush the toilet to remove any urine or other contaminants that may be left in the toilet. Since the lid will be flushed, any excess spray or splashing will be kept inside of the toilet or on the lid that will soon be cleaned. Once the toilet has completed the flush cycle, add your chosen liquid, gel or powdered cleaner to the toilet bowl. For the best results, try to apply the cleaner as close to the rim of the toilet as possible to prevent dilution that can occur once it reaches the inside of the toilet bowl. 

Step 2: Clean the Toilet Exterior

While your cleaner continues to soak into the grime that has accumulated, you should take the time to start cleaning the exterior of the toilet. It is important to start from the top and work your way down to ensure that any dripping that occurs does not reach surfaces that have already been cleaned throughout the process. Take time to spray the take, handle and tank edges with a disinfectant and then wipe them down. Then move to the outside lid of the toilet and work your way down to the floor. If possible, mop the floor as well for the best results. 

Step 3: Clean the Toilet Seat

Although it is often neglected during the cleaning process, the toilet seat is the one part that consistently encounters users aside from the flush handle. For this reason, the toilet seat will need to be cleaned thoroughly with an antibacterial. Take the time to clean the lid, seat, and hinges of the toilet seat to remove urine and other bacteria that may be present. Wipe the entire toilet seat with a moistened cloth to remove any harsh chemicals that may be left behind on the sitting surface to protect the skin of users. 

Step 4: Clean the Toilet Bowl

Now that the cleaning solution inside of the toilet bowl has had time to penetrate and sterilize, it is time to start cleaning the bowl from the top to bottom. Start by using your toilet brush to scrub under the rim of the toilet where scale and other grime may be accumulating. Next, scrub downward throughout the bowl to push cleaner and any stains towards the water that is inside. Once the entire bowl has been cleaned, flush the toilet with the lid down to avoid spray that may escape during the flushing process. 

Want to Make Cleaning Easier?

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