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How to Stop Pee from Splashing Back

There's nothing quite as annoying and unhygienic as the sound and sensation of urine splashing back when using a public restroom. Whether you experience this discomfort frequently or occasionally, it's a problem that many of us can relate to. Fortunately, simple solutions are available to alleviate this issue and end the uncomfortable experience of splashback.

In this blog, we will explore the causes of splashback and provide you with effective strategies to minimize it. We will also introduce you to BowlsEye™, a revolutionary product that aims to eradicate this problem once and for all. Let's dive in and discover how to conquer this pesky and often embarrassing situation.

Understanding the Causes

To effectively tackle the issue of splashback, it's important to first understand what causes it. Various factors contribute to urine splashing back in public restrooms, including toilet design, urinal shape, urine velocity, and personal technique. The shape and surface of the bowl and the angle at which the urine strikes it play significant roles in determining the extent of splashback.

1. Toilet Design

Many traditional toilets feature a shallow bowl with a high water level, increasing splashback chances. These designs are not optimized to reduce splashing and can frustrate users.

2. Urinal Shape

Urinals with flat surfaces at the bottom tend to cause more splash-ups due to the increased likelihood of urine rebound.

3. Urine Velocity

The speed at which urine leaves the body contributes to splashback. High urine velocity can cause the generated force to surpass the surface tension holding the urine to the bowl, resulting in splashing.

4. Personal Technique

Personal techniques, such as aiming correctly and avoiding excessive force or distractions, can significantly reduce splashback. Nevertheless, some factors are beyond our control, making it essential to explore external solutions.

Strategies to Minimize Splashback

While we can't control all the factors contributing to splashback, there are several strategies you can employ to minimize its occurrence. By following these tips, you can enhance your restroom experience and avoid the unpleasantness of splashback.

1. Aim for the Bowl Surface

Aim for the inside surface of the toilet bowl or urinal, targeting areas with standing water. This targets a larger surface area and reduces the likelihood of splashback.

2. Alter Your Angle

Adjust the angle you urinate to strike the bowl at a shallow angle. This allows the urine to flow more gently into the water, minimizing splashing.

3. Reduce Urine Velocity

To reduce splashback, relax your muscles and let your urine flow with less force. Avoid rushing or straining, as this increases urine velocity and results in more splashing.

4. Utilize Toilet Paper

By placing a few sheets of toilet paper onto the water surface before urinating, you can help minimize splashing. The paper acts as a barrier, reducing the rebound effect and absorbing some of the kinetic energy of the urine.

Introducing BowlsEye™ - The Ultimate Solution

Despite our best efforts to minimize splashback using traditional strategies, it can be challenging to achieve consistent success. That's where BowlsEye™ comes in—a revolutionary product designed to put an end to splashback and enhance your restroom experience.

BowlsEye™ is a discreet, easy-to-use device that adheres to the inside of the toilet bowl or urinal. Its innovative design incorporates hydrophobic technology, which repels liquids and prevents them from splashing back. By significantly reducing splashback, BowlsEye™ ensures a cleaner and more comfortable restroom experience.

How BowlsEye™ Works

BowlsEye™ features a thin, hydrophobic film that forms a protective barrier on the water surface. This specially formulated film repels liquids, including urine, preventing them from splashing back. The film effectively reduces splashback regardless of the urine velocity or toilet design, providing consistent results every time.

Not only does BowlsEye™ solve the problem of splashback, but it also contributes to improved restroom cleanliness and hygiene. Keeping urine within the bowl minimizes the spread of germs and eliminates the need for excessive cleaning.

Order BowlsEye™ Today

If you're tired of dealing with the discomfort and frustration of splashback, it's time to try BowlsEye™. Say goodbye to those unpleasant restroom experiences and hello to a cleaner, more enjoyable visit every time.

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