The History of the Fly Target

The History of the Fly Target

While not a common sight in American bathrooms, the fly target has been a staple in Amsterdam and European restrooms. Although not a real fly, the drawing of the flying insect baked into the porcelain bowl of a urinal plays a prominent role in keep bathrooms clean and reducing spillage that may occur from apathy or intentional splatter since you won’t be responsible for cleaning it. While a nasty habit, it seems to be far truer than most imagine. In this article, we will look at why the fly target has become a prominent fixture in European toilets for years and some of the reasons the concept is becoming popular in the United States. 

Anyone who has ventured into a men’s restroom has likely had multiple experiences where their shoes seemingly stick to the floor and the unmistakable smell of stale urine penetrates their nose. Although not a pleasant experience, it is a common one that many men have faced or contributed to at some point in their life. With this seemingly universal problem striking bathrooms worldwide, aim assistance products like the fly target are becoming more commonplace than ever before to help reduce urine splatter, and encourage increased attention when using the restroom. Because, after all, what else would you want to aim for when visiting the urinal in public? 

Men typically have a deep-seated drive to aim at targets and with the right target in place, they are more likely to reduce splatter or the spread of urine outside of the toilet bowl. This, of course, encourages behaviors that keep restrooms cleaner, reduce the spread of biohazardous material, and reduce overall maintenance costs. However, while the fly target is the most universally accepted instance of a urinal decal other options are steadily making their way into the market including cartoon bees or interactive installations like soccer to play on the European love of the sport. 

As an alternative to the traditional fly target, BOWLSeye™ not only provides a target for home toilets but also has the potential to self-clean after each flush to avoid the collection of harmful bacteria while ultimately reducing spillage that could be occurring. Like the fly target, BOWLSeye™ features an unmistakable design of a bullseye to help children learn to use a toilet properly or just give grown men a challenge each time they visit the restroom. Whether for training or sport, there’s no doubt that installing a target with your toilet is a great way to keep your bathroom clean. 

Guy Donohue, The BowlsEye Guy, came up with the concept for this unique product over 20 years ago. Through his belief and faith, Guy decided to put a great team together and bring the BOWLSeye™ to the world. We encourage you to browse our store to find the model that is right for your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today or give us a call at (918) 970-2555!

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