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BowlsEye Target

BowlsEye™ with Cleaner

BowlsEye™ with Cleaner

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Although many homeowners do not realize it, adding Ty-D-Bol to your toilet tank can slowly wear down the components and lead to unforeseen repairs in the future as the chemicals rest inside of the reserve water and create a signature blue color. As an alternative to this traditional delivery method, BowlsEye™ has combined the power of our target system that eliminates splash with a similar auto-cleaning tablet, to ensure each flush provides the same great cleaning power. There has never been an easier way to protect your toilet’s fragile components while eliminating the buildup of bacteria or grime between scrubbing. 

If you are looking for more cleaning power from your BowlsEye™ our target system combined with cleaner is a match made in heaven. Not only can you eliminate unwanted urine splash that may be occurring, but you can also ensure that your toilet is receiving powerful cleaning agents with each flush when the toilet is closed. Each BowlsEye™ with Cleaner kit comes with our easy-to-install BowlsEye™ with an added auto-cleaning tablet to provide the most support possible without the need for extra effort. 

  • Single BowlsEye™ kit contains:
    • 1 arm
    • 1 anchor
    • 1 pad with auto-cleaning tablet
    • installation guide
    • alcohol pad
  • Helps keep your toilet bowl clean in between scrubbing
  • Not Harmful to Children or Pets
  • Replacement pads are 4.99 for 1 and 19.9 for a 4 pack.
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