Our house is filled with excitement while we watch the game with our friends.

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Dealing with all the leftover food, finding that half-eaten slice of pizza between your couch cushions, and all the empty drink containers can be so time-consuming to clean up; not to mention finding out your bathroom just as messy as your living room.

Here is your Chance to take some of the pain away


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    Almost Completely Eliminates Unwanted Splash

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    Self Cleaning After Every Use

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    Reduces Noise By 80%

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    Easy to Install and Fits All Styles of Lavatories

"Give Him a Target, He Will Aim at it"

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Why Choose BowlsEye with Ty-D-Bol?

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Often considered one of the dirtiest rooms in a home, it’s no surprise that homeowners are always looking for an easy way to keep their bathrooms as clean as can be with minimal effort. Unfortunately, these products that are designed to make your life easier could be shortening the lifespan of your most expensive commodities. Research has shown that Ty-D-Bol can help keep your toilet clean, but at what cost? In this article, we will explore some of the problems in-tank cleaners can cause and why you should consider switching to BOWLSeye™.

Gross Statistic

The Toilet and your Toothbrush

Most people leave their toothbrushes out on the counter in their bathroom. This is just a normal way of life. It’s how our parents raised us, but is it really ok?

There have been several studies conducted around the topic of where to store your toothbrush. Most, if not all, have shown that fecal bacteria can actually be on your toothbrush from when you flush the toilet! It is suggested that you keep your toothbrush six feet away from your toilet to reduce the amount of micro-bacteria that gets splashed onto it.

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