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BowlsEye™ Target



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If you struggle to keep up with the cleaning demands of your toilet and the areas surrounding it, it may be time for you to try something new. As an innovative target for a cleaner toilet, BowlsEye™ was developed to eliminate unwanted urine splash with an easy-to-install target. There has never been a better time to invest in the cleanliness of your bathroom to protect yourself of your family from harmful bacteria or contaminants that may be present due to urine splash onto not only the toilet but also the surrounding walls, floors and objects.

Whether you are just wanting to try BowlsEye™ to see if it makes a difference in your bathroom cleaning routine or you are looking for a great training aid for children that are potty training, our single pack is a great way to get started. Each kit contains everything needed to complete the install process and start seeing immediate results successfully and easily. When you run out, replacement pads are available for $4.99 for a single or $19.90 for a 4-pack to meet your unique needs and ensure you have the support of BowlsEye™ whenever it may be needed.

  • Single BowlsEye™ kit contains:
    • 1 arm
    • 1 anchor
    • 1 pad
    • installation guide
    • alcohol pad
  • Replacement pads are 4.99 for 1 and 19.90 for a 4 pack.
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