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BowlsEye Target

BowlsEye™ 2 Pack

BowlsEye™ 2 Pack

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Life is easier when you have the support of BowlsEye™ in every bathroom within your home. According to the most recent data published by the US Census Bureau, around 60% of new, single-family homes have two bathrooms built into the floor plan. To help accommodate this growing trend, Guy Donohue, The BowlsEye™ Guynow provides BowlsEye™ in multipacks to accommodate the needs of homeowners nationwide. Even better, buying BowlsEye in bulk packs can help you save money! 

With the BowlsEye™ 2-Pack, homeowners have the perfect amount of kits to ensure all their bathrooms remain free from excessive urine splash and the health hazards that it may be silently causing. If you are still painstakingly cleaning the walls and floors around your toilet each week and not finding any relief, there is a better way. Add BowlsEye™ to your toilets today and see why it has become a staple product for so many homeowners across the United States. 

  • Two Pack BowlsEye™ kit contains:
    • 2 arms
    • 2 anchors
    • 2 pads
    • installation guide
    • alcohol pads
  • Replacement pads are 4.99 for 1 and 19.90 for a 4 pack.
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