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BowlsEye Target

BowlsEye™ with Cleaner 3 Pack

BowlsEye™ with Cleaner 3 Pack

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If you are still using Ty-D-Bol in multiple toilet tanks around your home, you could be wearing out the components and setting yourself up for premature repairs. While this may not seem like a big deal initially, no one wants to spend excessive amounts of money to fix components in every toilet in their home if they do not have to. To provide this same great cleaning power while also almost completely eliminating urine splash that may be occurring, Guy Donohue, The BowlsEye™ Guy, proudly offers BowlsEye™ with an alternative cleaner in a 3-pack to help make keeping your toilets cleaner between scrubbings. 

Why invest in multiple products to keep your toilet cleaner for longer when you do not have to? Each BowlsEye™ with Cleaner 3-pack comes with three complete BowlsEye™ toilet target systems with included auto-cleaning tablets to enhance cleanliness with each flush. Whether you have multiple toilets in your home or just want to ensure you have a BowlsEye™ available whenever it may be needed, our 3-pack is a great way to save money and ensure your toilet receives the care needed to stay cleaner for longer while also protecting the surrounding area from urine splash that may be occurring. 

  • Two Pack BowlsEye™ kit contains:
    • 3 arms
    • 3 anchors
    • 3 pads with auto-cleaning tablets
    • installation guide
    • alcohol pads
  • Replacement pads are 4.99 for 1 and 19.90 for a 4 pack.
  • Helps keep your toilet bowl clean in between scrubbing
  • Not Harmful to Children or Pets
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