How to Properly Install Urinal Targets

How to Properly Install Urinal Targets

As a mom or a woman with boys, maintaining a clean and pleasant bathroom environment can be a challenge. However, properly installing urinal targets can promote cleanliness, reduce mess and odors, and create a more comfortable and enjoyable bathroom for everyone. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing urinal targets, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, we'll introduce you to BowlsEye™ – a revolutionary toilet aid that takes bathroom comfort to a whole new level.

Understanding the Benefits of Urinal Targets

Before we delve into the installation process, let's explore why urinal targets are essential for moms and women with boys in their households. Urinal targets serve several purposes; they encourage better aim, reduce splashing, and provide a clear focal point for users. Installing urinal targets can minimize messes on the floor and surrounding areas, making bathroom cleaning easier and less frequent.

Selecting the Right Urinal Targets

Choosing the appropriate urinal targets is crucial for maximizing their effectiveness. Look for targets made from high-quality, moisture-resistant materials that can be easily cleaned. Opt for appealing designs that serve as effective aiming guides for users, especially boys who are still mastering their bathroom skills.

Preparing for Installation

It's important to prepare in advance to ensure a seamless installation process. Gather the necessary tools and supplies, such as a removable marker, adhesive, and cleaning agents. Assess the layout and positioning of your urinals to determine the right measurements and placements. Create a safe and convenient work environment by clearing the area around the urinals.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide


1. Prepping the Urinal

Begin by emptying and thoroughly cleaning the urinal. Remove any existing targets or adhesives using appropriate cleaning agents. Take care to completely dry the surface before continuing.

2. Positioning the Urinal Targets

Consider the height of the users, especially young boys, and determine the optimal placement for the urinal targets. Align the targets with the desired aiming areas and carefully mark their positions using a removable marker for accuracy.

3. Applying Adhesive

Select an adhesive that is suitable for your urinal material. Consult the manufacturer's instructions and apply the adhesive evenly to the back of the urinal target, ensuring good coverage.

4. Firmly Affixing the Urinal Targets

Carefully position the urinal targets onto the marked positions, applying even pressure to secure them in place. Double-check the alignment before proceeding.

5. Allow Time to Set

Follow the adhesive manufacturer's recommended drying time. Make sure the urinal targets are securely attached before allowing further restroom use.

Maintaining and Replacing Urinal Targets

Establish a regular cleaning and inspection routine to maintain the longevity and effectiveness of urinal targets. Clean the targets at least once a day using appropriate cleaning agents and inspect them for any signs of wear or damage. Promptly replace urinal targets when they show signs of deterioration to ensure a clean and functional restroom.

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The BowlsEye™ Difference

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Taking the Next Step for a Better Bathroom Experience

By installing urinal targets properly, moms and women with boys can significantly enhance their bathroom experience. Reduced mess and odors make for a happier and cleaner environment. Additionally, BowlsEye™ offers an innovative solution to common bathroom issues, ensuring the utmost comfort, convenience, and simplicity.

Discover how this revolutionary toilet aid can transform your bathroom. Incorporating BowlsEye™ into your restroom ensures a more comfortable and private bathroom experience for your whole family. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying quality moments with BowlsEye™.

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